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Non Return Check Valve

Non Return Check Valve

Non Return Check Valve

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PN16, PN40, Flanged End

The non-return valve, also known as a check valve, ensures flow in only one direction. It automatically opens when the flow direction is correct and closes to prevent backflow. This feature is crucial for safeguarding equipment and ensuring the system operates safely.

A PN16 non-return valve with flanged ends is a valve designed to permit fluid or gas flow in a single direction, commonly used in piping systems to prevent backflow. The PN16 rating indicates a pressure rating of 16 bar, making the valve suitable for applications within this pressure limit.

The flanged end connection allows the valve to be bolted directly onto a piping system with flanges, ensuring a secure and leak-free joint. This type of connection is widely favored in industrial applications. A PN16 non-return valve with flanged ends provides a reliable and effective solution for preventing backflow in piping systems.

In contrast, a PN40 non-return valve with flanged ends is specifically designed to prevent reverse flow in high-pressure piping systems. With a maximum pressure rating of 40 bar indicated by the PN40 rating, this valve is well-suited for applications requiring higher pressures.

Similar to the PN16 valve, the flanged end connection enables convenient installation and maintenance by securely bolting it onto a flanged piping system. The flanges offer a leak-proof joint, making the PN40 non-return valve ideal for demanding high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

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