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Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

Thermodynamic Steam Trap

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Stainless Steel

A thermodynamic steam trap is a mechanical steam trap used in steam heating systems to discharge condensate. It operates based on the principle of thermodynamics, specifically Bernoulli's principle. A thermodynamic steam trap consists of a disc or valve suspended in a chamber by a lever or spindle. The disc or valve has a specific shape that changes pressure when steam flows past it. Steam flowing into the trap passes through the disc or valve, creating a low-pressure area behind it. This causes the valve to open, allowing the steam to enter the heating system.

As the steam cools and condenses, the pressure in the trap drops, and the valve closes. This prevents further steam from entering the heating system and allows the condensate to drain out of the trap through a separate outlet.

Thermodynamic steam traps are suitable for handling high condensate loads and can operate efficiently across various steam pressures. They are commonly used in process heating, steam tracing, and steam-jacketed vessels. However, they can be sensitive to the quality of steam, and dirt or debris in the system can cause them to malfunction.

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