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Y Type Strainer

Y Type Strainer

Y Type Strainer

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Cast Steel

A Y-type strainer is an industrial strainer commonly used in pipelines to remove solid particles and debris from liquids and gases. It is named after its Y-shaped body design and is typically installed upstream of pumps, valves, and other equipment to protect them from damage caused by contaminants. The Y-type strainer comprises a Y-shaped body with an inlet and outlet and a removable screen or filter element inside. The fluid flows into the strainer through the inlet and passes through the screen, which traps solid particles larger than the mesh size of the screen. The filtered fluid then exits the strainer through the outlet.

A Y-type strainer's screen or filter element can be made of various materials, such as stainless steel, brass, or nylon, and come in different mesh sizes depending on the application. The screen or filter element is typically removable for easy cleaning and replacement.

Y-type strainers are suitable for use in various applications, including chemical processing, food and beverage production, and water treatment. They are available in different sizes and materials to suit different process requirements. Y-type strainers are simple and reliable in operation, require minimal maintenance, and help prevent damage to downstream equipment caused by solid particles and debris.

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